Dr. Seok-Kwan Kim is the director of the Division for Industrial Innovation Research at Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI). He studied Science and Technology Policy for his Ph.D at Korea University. Earlier, he majored in Physics(B.S.) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Philosophy of Science(M.S.) at Seoul National University.

Since joining STEPI in 1999, he has constantly served for the government: the Budget Allocation Committee for the National R&D Programs of the Office of Science and Technology Innovation (2006~2008), the Performance Evaluation Committee for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (2010~2012), the Review Committee for the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Development Fund of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2013), the R&D Planning Division of the Council for the Health Technology Policy of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2013~2017),

Dr. Kim’s research has been focused on innovation in bio-health industry (including pharmaceutical and healthcare industry), global innovation network and the international division of labor, and open innovation.